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How can I help you?

Get reservations from your website visitor.

  • How can your website be a success and how can you make sure that visitors stay with you and do not leave you?


Make your website attractive to your visitor.

  • What are the needs of your website to get visitors interested in your Hotel or B&B? Make your website attractive by using a good lay-out, texts, photos, atmosphere, ...


Convince your website visitors to click directly on your reservation button.

  • How do you build the website, which words do you use, which structure guides your visitor to the main button of your website?


Let your website be found by Google!!

  • SEO scan: Which technical structure does your website need to be found quickly at Google?

  • Get found by your target audience at the right time.


  • Detailed written feedback about the different pages of your website..

  • Tips and advice to improve your website and this aimed at your target group:

    • Increase and improve the Conversion of the website

    • SEO optimization of the website: improving the findability of the website at Google

    • Improve the content of the website (text and photo)

    • Improve user friendliness and accessibility of the website

    • Improve the speed of the website

    • Improve the Layout of your website

The scan and communication is completely online, so there are no restrictions

regarding the location of your Hotel or B&B..


€ 370 (VAT excluded)​

Note: I plan a maximum number of scans per month.

From "lookers" to real "bookers"

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